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Hello, Everyone! An update:

We are following the statewide mandate to close our in-Shoppe seating at this time.

We will miss all our WONDERFUL & VALUED CUSTOMERS having a sweets break with us!

However, we will:

• CONTINUE TO BAKE for all of you

• POST our DAILY MENU on our social media platforms so you’ll be able to

• CALL & ORDER and continue our


💕 THANK YOU for always being their for us and we hope a Cupcake or Two will help lessen the stress you may be feeling.

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Barbara Hood
Barbara Hood
27 de dez. de 2021

We love the Cupcake Shop... Shelly and Jen are awesome! They have the best cupcakes and cookies anywhere... Also love the cute gnomes they sell! Thanks Shelly and Jen for being such wonderful bakers and for going above and beyond every time we make an order! Happy New Year!

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