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A picture of our owner, Shelly Seamons

Shelly Seamons


As a child, I would spend all morning long baking glorious mud pies—with real mud of course. Also available were mud cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. If I was feeling extra special I would add nuts (rocks). They baked all morning in the summer heat and after they were perfect, I would then load them in my wagon and go door to door selling my delicious concoctions to lucky neighbors for 5 cents each, or with “nuts” for 10 cents. I have been baking ever since.

As I grew up, I learned that I could bake with real ingredients and that my creations were loved by all who tasted them. I discovered that I have a passion for all things delicious, and love nothing more than sharing that passion with my friends and loved ones. Opening a cupcake shop has been a dream of mine for a very long time and my dream is finally coming true. I use nothing but the best ingredients. Everything is from scratch, and you will never taste a more delicious cupcake. Come enjoy our delicious treats with your friends and loved ones.

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